Reduce your electricity costs by up to 21% when you enroll with Modern Renewables.

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New Jersey residents choose Modern Renewables

New Jersey requires utility companies to move to 100% renewable energy by 2050.
Modern Renewables is doing its part by creating solar projects in Hamilton, NJ.

Our solar farms offer an easy way to support clean, local energy. You can rent or own your home. There will be no disruption to your PSE&G service and no solar panels needed at your residence.

When you enroll in the Modern Renewables program, you’ll save up to 21% each month on your usual energy costs. Join us and enroll today – our planet benefits and you do, too!

How Community Solar Works

Community solar lets you share in the benefit of clean solar energy without the hassle or cost of installing panels. Instead, panels are located at our three solar projects in Hamilton, NJ. The solar power generated is fed into the PSE&G grid and you receive dollar credits on your utility bill.


Solar energy is generated by Modern Renewables in Hamilton, NJ. No rooftop solar panels needed!


The clean renewable energy produced at our community solar farms is fed into the PSE&G grid.


PSE&G credits your account for the renewable energy allocated to you. We bill you for those credits at a guaranteed 21% discount.

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support clean, local energy while Saving Money


Our solar garden is located in Hamilton, NJ, supporting the community.


Support for renewable energy
keeps New Jersey cleaner and greener.


Up to 21% savings you can count on every month.

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The team behind Modern Renewables is based and headquartered in Hamilton, NJ, and is committed to providing clean energy and benefits to residents. Modern Renewables has community solar panels on top of three buildings located in Hamilton, NJ. The State of New Jersey and the Electric BPU require for us to sell you electric at a discount to your current bill! This is a win-win for our local neighbors and the environment.